Gerri E.     07/20/2009

Missy and Gary are Great Animal Lovers. They have watched my dogs, Coco and Lucy + Dillon the cat twice this
month (July) I have never felt so relaxed about leaving them. I am so happy I found them, now we can do many
things we could not do before.

I Highly Recommend Safe-N-Cozy, They give so much Love and Care
Jennifer H.   04/29/2009

Safe-N-Cozy (Missy) began giving our dog, Mookie daily walks when we moved to Easton, PA and we are more than
thrilled with the level of service! My husband and I both work long hours, and so it's a real comfort to know that
Mookie is well taken care of. We love the detailed daily reports and appreciate the care that Missy has shown for the
well being of our dog. Additionally, we have noticed a dramatic difference in Mookie's behavior since starting with
Safe-N-Cozy---on the days she gets her walks, she is calm, well behaved and happy! We would highly recommend
Safe-N-Cozy for peace of mind and for high quality care of your beloved pets!
R. Witzel    04/22/2009

Safe-N-Cozy (Missy) began pet sitting for my small dog for about a year now. Almost immediately after Missy began
pet sitting, I noticed my dog was more energetic and happy. When I get home I always have a detailed report card of
the time spent with my dog. Missy is always very flexible with my schedule and extremely reliable. Safe-N-Cozy is
highly recommended!!
L Barbaino   02/29/2008

Safe N Cozy is awesome. Missy & Gary take excellent care of my 4 chows while I am at work or away for the
weekend. Missy and Gary love my babies and treat them like they would their own. I am much more relaxed now with
the hours that I work since I have Safe N Cozy visiting my dogs daily. They love Missy and Gary. I have some special
needs of one of my Chows and I don't worry about her like I did when I am at work. One of my chows were sick and
Missy and Gary took such good care of Ambie while she was sick. They are given extra love in the afternoon while I
am at work and they are much happier now. I would be lost without Safe-N-Cozy's help with my dogs.

I would highly recommend Safe-N-Cozy. The love and care of my dogs by Safe-N-Cozy exceed my high expectations.
Danielle and Aaron Dufour   12/16/2009

Just wanted to say thank you once again for your incredible service while we were away in Rhode Island getting
married. How quickly we were put at ease by your incredibly professional and thorough assistance. The fact that you
spent so much time before we ever left in getting to know Hollie and Sydney made us feel so very comfortable and
confident in leaving them in your hands. Dani and I give you and your husband the highest recommendation and
please feel free to use us as a referral for future customers. Your surprises upon arriving home (framed pictures
and tennis balls) were so thoughtful and cute and we thank you so very for them. Looking forward to planning our
next trip so that you can be with the girls again! They send you big wet kisses and noogies!.
Jan Tukeva     01/29/ 2010

Missy is clearly a huge animal lover and will treat your pets as she would her own.  She is very professional,
conscientious, reliable and trust worthy.  I would certainly recommend Safe-n-Cozy to anyone.
Frank G.           04/21/ 2010

Missy - thanks for doing a great job pet sitting our dog.  We were grateful knowing that she was in good hands while
we were away.
Maria P.       05/09/2010
I was very nervous about leaving my 15 year old cat alone before I met Missy.  Once Missy came to my house for my
consultation, I felt relaxed and comfortable that if anything went wrong she would be there for him.  Thank you again
Missy and I WILL be contacting you again.
Karen Earl         7/28/2010
Missy was recommended to me and I couldn't have been happier with her service. She went the extra mile to make
my dogs feel comfortable and myself feel comfortable leaving them. I will most certainly be using Safe n cozy
services again!
Theresse Hensley        9/13/2010         
Missy was a life saver to me. Three days before leaving on a week's vacation, my daughter informed me that she
would not be able to look in on my three cats for me.  My neighbor across the street, highly recommended Missy.
The personal recommendation lessened my anxiety about letting a stranger have access to my home. I immediately
liked Missy's personality when she came for an interview with me and my cats. I was very happy with the results.  
Upon my return my pets and home were intact.  I appreciated Missy's daily reports regarding my cats and my home.  
I will certainly use her services again.
Diane                            09/05/2010
Missy and Gary have been by far...the absolute best petsitting service that I have used to date! My dogs Zima and
Cosmo just love them. When I see my dogs interact with Missy and Gary, I know that they truly care about animals.
They have watched my pets over the past three years and have gone far above and beyond the call of duty just
because they are wonderful people. I thoroughly trust both of them and have never hesitated calling for their help
even in emergency situations. Because Missy has seen my dogs on a regular basis, she became very concerned
when she noticed that my 8 year old chocolate lab was drinking and panting excessively as well becoming fatigued
easily with little activity. I just assumed that my dog was just getting older and had not noticed that she had been
drinking so much more water than she usually did. Because of Missy's observations, I quickly took Zima to the vet
and was told that she had Cushings disease and that she needed to start treatment immediately. Missy referred me
to Dr. Ron Hodge's, a veterinary internal medicine specialist because Zima became so sick with her initial
treatment. I am so grateful that Missy intuitively knew that something was wrong with my lab and had knowledge of a
local specialist in the area. Without proper treatment and maintenance of this disease, her quality of life and actual
life span would have been reduced greatly. Any time that Missy or Gary has noticed that one of my pets are not being
"themselves", they have contacted me by phone or internet, even when I have been out of the country, to discuss
their concerns. I have been so blessed to have found Safe N Cozy to take care of my puppies. Unfortunately, I have
been relocated to the state of Texas and I will have to find new a new pet sitting service. I know that my quest will be
a tough one because I have never met two more committed individuals who have true compassion for animals as
well as a very high standard of professional ethics. Zima and Cosmo will miss them terribly! I found it very touching
that they came over to visit the girls and brought them toys days before we moved. We will all miss you!!!
Scott and Debbie         7/28/2010
If you are like us, you don't want to leave your animals, but you want to take a vacation.   Friends of ours
recommended Missy and Gary.  We invited them to our home.   After a few minutes, you could just tell that they are
animal lovers. Harley and Chloe were all over them.    We felt very much at ease, and finally took a  vacation after 5
I highly recommend Missy and Gary.
Eileen           10/15/2011
Missy has been wonderful with having two dogs and working long days.  Without her and the comfort level that
she provides, I would not have been able to add my puppy (and second dog) to the household.  She takes great
care with them, knows them well and communicates their status on a regular basis.  
Thanks to both Missy and Gary for being such a great asset.
Mat and Maureen Morrison               12/9/2011

I have had dogs for over 50 years and I never wanted to go away and leave them until I met Missy.  The second I
mer her I knew she was special, the dogs took to her right away.(They usually are not like that)My husband and I
went away for a week, I only called home one time.  Missy is so detailed on everything we do for them, I knew they
were in good hands.  We left her with 2 eleven month old  retreivers and one 14 year old beagle.
I know now that I will be able to go away and have total peace of mind.  Our dogs are family to us.
When we got home they were well adjusted and happy.  Missy goes above and beyond in her job.
Edward Pacenti                          11/2/2011

I am happy to know such a good hearted person. Keep up the good work!
Carissa                             10/30/2011

Safe-n-Cozy provided excellent individualized care for all four (4) of my dogs. The owner is very diligent and far
exceeded my expectations of what a pet sitting service would be. She cared for each of my dogs like beloved
family members and I was able to enjoy my vacation without any concern.
I HIGHLY recommend Safe-n-Cozy to anyone in the area looking for a pet sitter.
Mahindra Singh                         2/08/2012

Missy is a most wonderful, caring and trustworthy individual. She has been in our lives for over 3+ years and we
have come to rely on Safe-N-Cozy anytime we are away from our 4-legged loved ones, as well as those with
feathers and fins who need to be cared for while we are away. Missy and her hubby do more than just the basics,
often providing lots of little extras and their personal touch that keeps not only our pets safe but our home too.  We
are so lucky that our search led us to you Missy. Lots of Love - Mahindra & family
Marcy                                    2/27/2012

We used Safe-n-Cozy Pet Care to take care of our cat while we were away.  Missy went beyond our expectations
and I would recommend her highly.
Joan Sachs                  6/21/2012

Better than discovering a gold mine! For years I worried every time I had to leave my cats in someone's care.
Whenever I came home they were nervous and remote.  Now I can leave them with no worry.  Missy takes
wonderful care of them and they are always happy and relaxed when I return.  Everything is exactly as it should be,
and it is if I was never away.  Missy's daily notes about the cats, what they ate, what they did when she visited, etc.,
are extraordinary. You will never find better or more conscientious care for an animal when you are not there!
MaryJo Rosania-Harvie          1/5/2014

I don't know why we waited so long to find a pet sitter - but in many ways I am glad we did, because we found
Missy. She kept my mind at ease and I never worried once about my kitties. My cats were as happy as when I left
them, in fact, they might have been a little bit happier!! :)    I can't  thank you enough, Missy. As someone else said,
it's like finding a gold mine!
Jamie                       1/10/2014

Missy did a fantastic job caring for our golden retriever over the holidays!  She was thoughtful, thorough, and
provided excellent care for our dog.  So happy to have found her!
Billie Jean Antes        1/22/2014

Missy and Gary are wonderful people and provided our dogs with great care!!  Complete notes regarding activities
during every visit!  Best pet sitters we've ever had. We will definitely use them again!
Eileen  & Jeffrey Kaplan     1/18/2015
We have worked with Missy in the past. She took care of our two Yorkies, Nikki &  Pete with great care. We lost
our two doggies in 2013 & today we adopted our newest family member. We look forward to having Missy take
care of Sandy soon!
Debbie DeRogatis          1/19/2015
Missy is a truly kind individual that loves animals. I felt she went above and beyond in her care. She gave them
play time every day and sent me some pictures and messages to keep me updated on how my dogs and cat
were doing.  I received a daily log of everything that happened, what they ate, went out 2 x etc.  My house was
clean and neat and my dogs were happy and not scared or stressed. I would highly recommend Missy and I
will use her services again. Thank you Missy and Gary.
David Wanamaker        3/5/2015
I can't express how pleased I was with the service I received from Missy when she took care of my cat.  I
had to have a medical problem taken care of and anticipated only being away for five or six days but
unfortunately it lasted a few weeks.  It was reassuring to know that my cat was being well taken care of and
she actually overcame her shyness around people under her Missy's care. I really don't know what I would
have done without Missy's service.
Paul Zavislak                   10/13/2014

Missy and Gary are Fantastic!  I highly recommend them for ALL of your Pet service needs.  They are
bonded and insured (not required in PA but a selling point for me), they provide excellent service and my
dog loves them. I would trust my dog with no one else but Missy and Gary.
Lori Cowell                           6/12/2015

Missy and Gary are terrific!!   I think they took better care of our dogs than we do.   :)  They make sure to
cover every detail so you don't have to worry about anything. Would highly recommend.
June Thomas   6/17/2015

Missy is a marvelous pet sitter;  kind, thoughtful, attentive.  I know when Rob and I go away for any length of
time and need Moochie our kitty looked after, I have no worries.
Safe-n-Cozy Pet Care does a thorough job of taking care of all our pet's needs when we are away. I
wholeheartedly recommend them - you will have peace of mind knowing your pet is in the best of care!
Maria & Rudy Rivera           9/23/2016

We are so grateful to have found Missy.  She is the most wonderful, reliable, and lovable pet sitter!Our two
doggy kids (Lobo and Capi) ADORE her and Gary. A weight has been lifted off our shoulders in knowing
that we no longer have to place our kids in boarding which always causes us sadness whenever we went
away. Missy takes care of them in the same manner that we do and for this we are again, extremely
grateful to have found her. I highly recommend Missy to anyone who is looking for a pet sitter. Missy and
Gary are just Amazing.
Mary LaDuca            9/26/2015

Thank you so much Missy and Gary for being there! So happy to find such a kind caring and thoughtful
person to take care of all my pets. Your service delivers as advertised and I also feel as another reviewer
has stated that you honestly took better care of my pets than I do. You are a blessing to multiple pet
Michele Maurer     4/6/2016

Best pet service around. Very impressed and pleased with the service.
Winnie             10/2/2015

Best pet sitter we have ever had. The dog and cat were much happier to stay home and be with one
another. When we returned home, everything was clean and the same as when we left. They did things
over anything that we expected. I will never board our pets again. It is real peace of mind to go away and
not worry about the pets.
Marcy Potoczak

Missy and Gary are wonderful pet sitters who provide excellent care to our cat Princess. My husband and
I travel quite a bit and are sometimes gone for up to 3 weeks, but know that our cat is in excellent hands.
We have been using their services for 5+ years and couldn't be happier. We recommend them highly!
Barbara Dadio    3/31/2017

Missy is so kind and loving!! My two little girls  (Shih Tzu mixes)  really love when she comes to see them, and I am
so comfortable knowing they are in such good hand. .They walk with her, they play a lot, they snuggle with her before
she leaves, and I can see how much she really cares about them. Finding Missy was such a stroke of good luck and
I hope she knows how much we all appreciate her!!
Shelly and Zach Will      8/20/2016

We just returned home from our trip to find our cat Jayla extremely happy and content. We are so pleased that
SafeNCozy was recommended to us!  We highly recommend SafeNCozy!
Barbara Dadio    3/31/2017

Missy is so kind and loving!! My two little girls  (Shih Tzu mixes)  really love when she comes to see them, and I am
so comfortable knowing they are in such good hand. .They walk with her, they play a lot, they snuggle with her before
she leaves, and I can see how much she really cares about them. Finding Missy was such a stroke of good luck and
I hope she knows how much we all appreciate her!!
Beth Streeter          7/14/2017
Missy was terrific with our two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.  This was the first time in seven years we have had
them that we left them for more than one day,and we were admittingly nervous;but all was well during the week we
were gone, and Missy obviously took very good care of our babies. As an added bonus, she took very detailed notes
of the goings on and other business during the week. We felt very good and safe with her being their adoptive Mom
for the week.
I contacted the Safe-N-Cozy pet care on very short notice when we realized we didn't have care for our elderly 15yr.
Old dog.  We were leaving for our vacation in less than a week and Missy came to our house within two days to
discuss our pets needs/schedule.  I would highly recommend her to anyone needing in home  She could' have
certainly said her schedule was booked, but she accommodated the visits we needed for our family member..
I contacted the Safe-N-Cozy pet care on very short notice when we realized we didn't have care for our elderly 15yr.
Old dog.  We were leaving for our vacation in less than a week and Missy came to our house within two days to
discuss our pets needs/schedule.  I would highly recommend her to anyone needing in home  She could' have
certainly said her schedule was booked, but she accommodated the visits we needed for our family member..
Brooke & Bo
We can not say enough about the fantastic care our 7 pets received. The services were tailored to our needs and
each visit had detailed notes that accurately described behaviors and observations only we would know.  Our pets
were well cared for and everything we asked was completed...and then some...we received text messages for our
first night just to clarify and ask questions which reassured us of the attention to detail Missy takes.  We also
received pics of our furr babies which really warmed our hearts because as much as we enjoyed our time away we
missed our furry kids.  We would highly recommend Missy to anyone. We are happy to be a reference.